Summer is Coming—Beat the Heat with Karsh’s Catering!

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Convenience is one of the top reasons people choose to hire caterers for big events, like family reunions. A catering service either prepares and serves food or prepares and lays it all out buffet-style at your event location.

The best part about having a caterer on your side? Your main job changes from cooking the meal to simply picking out the menu you want! Professional chefs thrive on pressure in the kitchen; caterers are disciplined in the art of meal planning and food handling; your job is to mingle and visit with family.

Summer is coming and so are the people attending the family reunion. Still not sure you want to hire a caterer? Let’s take a look at the benefits of family reunion catering in Fresno, CA:

  • Tasty food: Some of your family members traveled far to get to the reunion. They are probably hungry, ready to sink their teeth into something savory. Catering service chefs have extensive experience selecting only the freshest, in-season ingredients to create professionally prepared meals. You can rest assured the food will be delicious and memorable.
  • No judgement: Your family reunion will have close and extended family attending. While many are happy just to be around family, those who you see more often—say, your mother, aunts, grandparents—may have certain expectations of you. To be specific, your event planning abilities. If you aren’t the one preparing the food, then your family can’t judge your taste in food or cooking skills!
  • Less stress: For some folks, attending a family reunion is stressful. Now, imagine the extra stress that comes with having to plan the details and prepare the food. Want less stress? Let professional caterers take the menu portion off your plate.
  • Saves time: From planning the menu to shopping for food ingredients to cooking the meal, preparing the spread for your family reunion requires a lot of time. And don’t forget the time needed for setup and cleanup. Hiring a pro to take control of your family reunion catering in Fresno, CA will help you save time and energy.

The warmer weather will have everyone wanting to spend time outside with friends, family and food. Luckily, catering services offer menu options and food prep, and they will deliver it to your event location fresh and ready to eat.

Catering for Corporate Barbecues

As you may know, summer is also the perfect time to host outdoor company events. What can a corporate barbecue caterer in Fresno, CA do for you?

Well, if you’re inviting business partners, clients or coworkers to a barbecue, you want the food presentation to look professional. Not only will your catered food look great, but catering teams are typically made up of professional and knowledgeable servers.

In the food service business, caterers must adhere to strict health and safety regulations. An exceptional caterer will handle and prepare your food right, so you can focus on the business at hand.

Here at Karsh’s Catering, Bar and Eatery, we have experience preparing catered menus for company events, fundraisers, family reunions and more. Call us today to plan food for your next gathering.

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