Why You’ll Love the Convenience of Our Box Lunches

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Organizing food for a large group of people on the go can be a pain. If you’re making the food yourself, catering to everyone’s dietary needs can be difficult, and potlucks aren’t helpful if you have group members who won’t be able to eat the dishes everyone else brings. You could set everyone loose to buy their own meals, which is expensive and time-consuming, or set up a buffet, where the food eventually gets cold—either way, it’s not a happy answer.

With spring coming fast, some clubs, churches, schools, sports teams, day camps and other organizations will be hitting the road. You need to serve your people a great-tasting lunch, but don’t have time to stop. We’re happy to provide the answer: you need box lunches in Fresno, CA.

Box lunches can be stored easily on a bus or plane, and the lunches can be customized to meet your group’s needs. Got an athlete? We can make extra-large portions or add an extra dessert, like a king-size candy bar. Do you have vegetarians or vegans on board? No problem—we can make delicious plant-based meals.

For those of you hosting conferences or work retreats, box lunches make feeding your crew easy. Instead of stopping and moving to another room, or having people show up late after their lunch hour, you can have box lunches delivered straight to your Fresno business. Here are just a few of the options we can provide:

  • Drinks: We offer soft drink choices (including diet options), as well as water and iced tea—but if you have special drink requests, we’ll gladly work with you to fill them.
  • Sandwiches: Our standard options include turkey and Swiss, roast beef and Swiss, ham and cheddar and Genoa salami and provolone, but if you have vegetarian or vegan people on your team, we can offer great plant-based options, too.
  • Salads: For a lighter option, we offer grilled chicken Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, parmesan cheese and our house-made dressing, as well as an Asian fusion chicken salad.
  • Sides: We offer classic macaroni salad and potato salad as included side dishes.
  • Customize your options: We can work with you to customize your box lunches however you’d like. Whether it’s plant-based, larger portions, different sides or other options, our team is ready to help feed yours, however you’d prefer.

For the busy work or social group, you can’t beat box lunches!

Get box lunches in Fresno, CA

Karsh’s Catering has been providing great food and outstanding customer service to the Fresno area since 1998. We provide catering services to anyone and everyone you can imagine, including services for corporate events and luncheons. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse menu that can be customized to meet your group’s dietary needs and preferences. If you have a group trip, event or another reason to provide a catered lunch, we know you’ll love our convenient, tasty box lunches. Call us today or fill out the order form on our website to get started.

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