An Affordable Way to Show Appreciation

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The labor market is tight right now. Unemployment is very low, and employees feel free to pack up and move on when they don’t enjoy their job, costing employers thousands of dollars. Sometimes these decisions come down to a higher salary or better benefits, but employers underestimate the power of appreciation. Employees want to be recognized for doing good work. They also want to work at a place where they feel close with their colleagues.

One affordable way to forge camaraderie and show employee recognition is by hiring a company specializing in office catering in Fresno, CA for special occasions (or for no occasion at all). Bringing in the professionals for an event will help your office celebrate its achievements while fostering better relationships among workers. Read on to find out the power of demonstrating to your employees that you recognize and appreciate their efforts:

  • Better office relationships: “Office politics” has become an oft-used phrase to describe the negative interactions between people at work these days, but employers can have a positive effect on forging lasting relationships. By giving employees some time to bond with one another during an in-house lunch, you can provide people from different departments the opportunity to get to know one another a little better. The impact of employee recognition on long-term retention is surprising. It can also lead to more productive brainstorming sessions and more comfortable connections among coworkers.
  • Greater productivity: One study found that catered lunches lead to 50 percent shorter lunch breaks, as employees don’t have to commute to get lunch or wait in line at a restaurant. Offering a free meal also makes employees more likely to stay after work to complete a task, as they recognize this token compensation for their work.
  • Better diet: Oftentimes, office workers might eat at their desk, go out for a big meal or get a greasy burger from a takeout window. When you provide the meal for them, then you can make the call on healthier options. The reality is that healthier employees take fewer sick days and have more energy to devote to the job. If you have a wellness plan in place, put your money where your mouth is and sponsor a healthy, free lunch for employees.

You want to show your employees how much you care with office catering in Fresno, CA, and that’s where Karsh’s Catering comes in. We provide a wide variety of delicious foods for all types of special occasions. We have a BBQ styled menu, appetizers, cold buffets, entree salads, prime rib, filet mignon and more—you name it, we have it.

Karsh’s Catering became a leader in the region because of our commitment to our loyal customers. In fact, will travel to you no matter the distance. We want to be your caterer for all of your business and family events, from weddings, anniversaries and bar mitzvahs to quinceañeras, corporate events, funerals and box lunches. No event is too large or too small to deserve Karsh’s expert services. Call Karsh’s Catering today to learn more!

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