Tips for Planning the Perfect Fundraiser

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A large fundraising event can have an incredible impact for a cause or a company trying to bring positive change to the world. Because so many enterprising do-gooders rely on contributions to make their organizations work, they really need to capitalize on the way that fundraising events can make people open their checkbooks and fund future initiatives.

If you’re planning a fundraising event, one of your first tasks will be consulting with a company that offers full-service catering in Fresno, CA. Read on to find out why, and to see what else you can do to make your event a success:

  • Make attendees feel special immediately: Because you want to create feelings of goodwill in your event attendees, you need to welcome them from the very beginning. Consider how to decorate your entrance to help guests feel excited to enter, and make sure to have staff greeting people as they come in. Choices like handing out a small gift or a glass of wine or champagne can make anyone feel special. Even simple things like having someone greet attendees enthusiastically and walk them to their table can have an effect on guests.
  • Share your organization’s work and results: If your main goal is to cultivate a group of donors who will offer funds, you’ll want to ensure they understand exactly how their money will help. You can do this through speeches, presentations or toasts on the main stage, but also make sure that key members of the organization mingle with all the tables to discuss initiatives and answer questions. You’ll gather more support for your mission if you can show tangible evidence of what your organization has already achieved. No one likes to donate money they feel will not have an impact.
  • Celebrate and document guests: One great tip is to hire a professional photographer or two to document the entire event. Post the photos on social media websites and produce a photo essay for the next issue of your organization’s magazine or newsletter. Documentation encourages guests to feel good about their engagement in giving, which often pushes them to give more.
  • Invest in food and drink: Though you might be tempted to cut costs on this event because you want to keep to a strict budget, you’d be wise to rethink this decision. Attendees pay a lot of money to come to fundraising galas, and they need to feel their taken care of with exceptional food and flowing drink. Again, the extra money you spend on great food will be worth it when the guests are ready to make a sizable donation.

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