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With that lovely spring warmth in the air, it’s the perfect time to host a barbecue so you can help your office staff bond over some delicious food, or enjoy some time at a private event with friends. No matter the context of your next barbecue, it’s always going to be a great time, but it can be stressful to figure out all the logistics behind hosting an event. Between questions about how to cope with food allergies or restrictions, how to wow both adults and children alike or how much food to order to cover everyone’s needs, planning is not the fun part of hosting a barbecue.

What can make life easier? Hiring a company to do your BBQ catering in Fresno, CA. If you’re not sure whether catering is a good investment for your next corporate barbecue or private event, read on:

  • Get all your bases covered: Though food is the main focus of any catering company, good ones will make sure you have all the other needs covered. They’ll have the silverware and flatware, the ice for drinks, napkins for those messy barbecue-sauce hands and warming trays so you can rest assured that the food will be the right temperature. Some companies will even work with you on ensuring their supplies fit well with your event’s colors or include your company’s logo.
  • Have the right amount of food and drink: Since caterers are well versed in how to feed a group of people, you won’t need to spend your own precious time doing math to figure out how much you need to order. Once you have an estimated head count, you can work directly with the caterer to ensure you won’t run out of anything, whether it’s corn on the cob, pulled pork or fresh biscuits. Doing the calculations on your own runs that risk of feeling embarrassed when the food runs out or ending up with mountains of excess food at the end of the event.
  • Handling an open bar: If you hope to have a bar at your barbecue, catering companies can work with you to come up with a drink menu that will please every guest, with a blend of beer, wine and mixed drinks. If you have children at the event, consider creating a mocktail so they can have a special surprise in store.
  • Spend time mingling, not managing: Everyone knows hosts often run themselves ragged during their events, checking on food, drinks, saying hello and so on. However, if you have your event catered, you will be able to spend more time actually enjoying your guests. Of course, you’ll still end up checking on things, but having a trusted company manage the details can make the event much more fun and much more successful.

By now it should be clear just how helpful it is to hire BBQ catering in Fresno, CA. Whether you are planning a corporate or family event, call up Karsh’s Catering! With over 20 years of experience, we can make sure your events are always a blast with our wide range of delicious foods. Call now for more information!

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