Picking Entrees and Dessert for Catering in Fresno, CA

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What’s on the menu for your next event? Choosing entrees and desserts can be challenging. Fortunately, professional catering in Fresno, CA makes this easy.

To make your meal a delight, use the following tips from your local caterers. To ensure your event’s success, partner with catering in Fresno, CA to develop and deliver the perfect selection:

  • Entrée options: How many main entrees should you offer? Don’t try to provide an entire restaurant menu for your event. For table service and buffets, you only need one or two entrees. To accommodate vegetarians, work with your caterer to provide a third veggie selection for the number of guests you believe will need this option.
  • Sides: Don’t go overboard with the side options. You want to provide a nice spread, but you don’t want to waste budget dollars either. Choose one salad, one starch and one hot vegetable. This provides a well-rounded meal for buffets or table service.
  • Meat: The cost of meat entrees greatly affects your budget. Obviously, chicken stretches a budget farther than steak. Fish can be economical or expensive, depending on what kind you choose. A similar principle applies to red meat. New York steaks and filet mignon top the price charts, while a smaller budget may be able to accommodate flat iron steaks or kabobs. A carved roast is a flexible option that can suit different budgets, depending on which cut you choose. Consult your catering company for the best meat option for your event.
  • Dessert: Don’t flood your buffet with desserts. Stick to three to five options. This will provide enough variety without overdoing the desserts. As for which desserts to serve, avoid one large, fancy cake. People like options, so offer more than just cake. Typically, one giant cake results in a giant pile of leftovers.
  • Mini desserts: Would you prefer to serve mini desserts? This is another popular option, but it can be tough to decide how many you need to provide. A good rule of thumb is to offer three or four mini desserts per person. If you’re also offering cake (such as at a wedding or birthday party), you only need one or two mini desserts per person.
  • Dessert stations: Creative choices are fun, too. Try an ice cream sundae bar, root beer floats or a chocolate fountain. This can provide an activity as well as a treat for guests, and it gives them more freedom to assemble the perfect dessert for their taste. Another fun option is to create a themed dessert table, such as Viennese sweets or “mom’s homemade specials.” Remember, just don’t try all of these ideas at once—keep it simple and stick to the basics as you think outside the dessert box.

Would you like to create the perfect menu for your next event? From entrees to desserts, catering in Fresno, CA allows you to provide the best selection and service for your guests. The team at Karsh’s Catering is ready to make your meal a hit. We offer catering for weddings, corporate events, box lunches, anniversaries and more. No event is too big or small. Contact us today to get started on your menu!

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