The Importance of Appetizers and A La Carte Catering in Fresno, CA

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What’s next on your event calendar? Are you planning an event that only requires appetizers? Will guests be ordering a la carte? These situations call for special considerations for your menu and service. To optimize your offerings, consider catering in Fresno, CA.

Your caterer will help you keep the following key considerations in mind. Use these tips as you partner with your caterer to design the ideal menu:

  • Access a la carte variety: Remember, a la carte can be any type of meal or treat. You could offer appetizers, entrees, sandwiches or desserts. The concept of a la carte gives you and your guests freedom to get exactly what you want. This can be a great option to choose as you work with catering in Fresno, CA.
  • Focus on theme: As you plan your menu, always tie everything back to the theme of the event. Focus on how each selection adds to your event in some way. Make this the deciding factor as you choose items, not whether or not it will please everyone. If your aim is to make every single person happy, you will never succeed. You’ll end up frustrated and over budget, and your menu will become a hodgepodge of selections rather than the appealing spread you desired.
  • Limit the options: If you will be hosting an appetizer-only event, at which the appetizers are designed to provide the meal, choose between five and 10 items. For open houses, short cocktail parties or other light two-hour events, where guests are dropping in and out, limit your options to three to five items.
  • Don’t overfeed: Are you planning an event that offers both appetizers and a meal? This is a common situation at weddings. If your guests will be eating a full meal, don’t overdo the appetizers. Less is more. You want them to enjoy the delicious meal you have planned, so don’t offer 10 appetizers before dinner.
  • Do the math: How many of each appetizer should you prepare? To figure out this number, multiply 12 by the number of guests and divide by the number of different appetizers you will serve. To figure out how many different appetizers you need based on attendance, follow these guidelines: for 10 or fewer guests, serve three types of appetizers; for 11 to 20 guests, serve four or five types; for 21 to 45 guests, choose six appetizers; for more than 45 guests, provide eight different appetizers.
  • Alternate temperatures: If you’ll be serving multiple appetizers, it’s good to offer a mix of hot and cold options. This not only provides variety for guests, but it also helps make serving the food easier. While some hot foods are being heated, other chilled items can be served, then the selection can be reversed, so items remain at desired temperatures.

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