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With the holiday season here in full force, it’s perhaps the busiest time of the year for any caterer. At Karsh’s Catering, Bar, & Eatery, our schedule has really started to fill up, but we still have some availability, so we encourage you to get in touch today if you’re in need of corporate lunch catering in Fresno, CA!

Whether you’re looking for on- or off-premise catering, we are capable of providing our services to you. We work with a lot of companies to provide employee luncheons, especially during the holiday season. Lots of companies like to provide catered lunches for their employees several times a year, finding it to be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It can be a big morale boost: If you want to have a thriving company culture filled with people who enjoy what they do and the people they work with, you should make some efforts to treat your employees every now and then in a variety of different ways. Catered lunches once a quarter or a couple times a year are a great way to boost morale as well as productivity. Employees who are happy in their work environment are much more likely to be hard workers, while employees who regularly feel underappreciated are more likely to slack in their work. Providing an occasional lunch is a great way to show your employees how much you value them.
  • It can promote healthy habits: You should always have the well-being and health of your employees in mind, and providing free catered lunches every now and then can promote healthier eating habits. It keeps them from going out and eating fast food or making other unhealthy choices, and gives them a healthy selection of delicious lunch options. It also serves as a reminder to them of how much better they feel when they make good eating decisions.
  • It can keep your employees focused: If your employees know they’re going to be getting a free meal, then you don’t have to worry about conversations about where they’ll be going for lunch derailing their productivity. We’ve all been there—if you’re planning on going to lunch with a group, it can take a whole lot of back-and-forth banter before someone finally comes up with a place that’s agreeable to everyone. A free catered lunch eliminates that whole rigmarole and keeps them focused on the tasks at hand.
  • It can be a great recruiting tool: If you make it a point in job descriptions and interviews to mention that you occasionally offer free catered lunches to your employees, this can be a solid recruiting tool. It’s not so much about the free food itself (although your employees certainly appreciate that) as it is about the fact that you are making a gesture that shows you care about and appreciate your employees. People want to work for companies that appreciate the effort they put in.

For more information about corporate lunch catering in Fresno, CA and why you should book now, contact Karsh’s Catering, Bar, & Eatery today.

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