The Importance of a Great Caterer

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When you’re planning an event, no matter if it’s a wedding, funeral or corporate event, one of the things your guests will expect is good food. Even if you have just a few appetizers and drinks, your guests will be thankful to have something to munch on. While it’s totally possible to cook the food for your event by yourself, one of the easier and better ways to handle event food is through catering in Fresno, CA. Hiring a caterer comes with tons of benefits, but you need to be sure you’re hiring one that is experienced and skilled. The... View Article

2019 Trends for Wedding Catering in Fresno, CA

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Are nuptials on your 2019 calendar? As you prepare for your big day, don’t miss the latest trends in wedding catering in Fresno, CA. This will be a day you and your guests remember for a lifetime, so you should make your dining experience a memorable one! What should you include for your reception? Use the following guide to create a spectacular spread for your wedding day. These creative trends are guaranteed to spice up your celebration with some extra flavor. Food Stations Formal dinners and buffet options are still common, but growing in popularity is the idea of signature... View Article

Consider Catering in Fresno, CA to Alleviate the Stress of a Memorial, Funeral or Wake

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During a time of mourning, eating is often one of the last things on a person’s mind. Yet, food is usually an integral part of wakes, funerals and memorials. This occasion to remember your loved one and celebrate his or her life typically involves eating. It’s common to see a spread of appetizers or other foods prepared for the family and friends who have gathered. To make preparations easier, consider catering in Fresno, CA. Is catering appropriate for this type of occasion? Yes. With so many decisions to make and a lot of emotions to process, preparing food for everyone... View Article